Financial Literacy

Awareness of the financial products available in the country is an important pre-requisite for Financial Inclusion. One common challenge in most countries is that financial institutions use jargon.  People do not understand what is on offer and what they do not understand, they do not trust. A low level of confidence and wrong perceptions inhibit use of and trust in formal financial products creating barriers to financial inclusion.

We have a unique financial literacy training program for children to empower them as they grow to face the complex and dynamic financial world.  Other than being exposed to digital credit earlier in life compared to other generations, they are also faced with hyper-consumerism trends, market-driven advertising and comparison tendencis due to social media.  At Change Corner, we train them about money and ingrain good financial habits and best practices early in their lives.

We offer financial literacy training tailored to specific customers majorly targeting the following groups:

  • Children and Youth
  • People with no formal financial products
  • People using limited range of products